Presenting Your Creative Voice

Competitive advantage

While working with Jo Ann and the Directory of Illustration program, an illustrator will gain a better knowledge of their unique skills and understand how to best present their creative voice. Her experience has proven that when an illustrator incorporates her time tested advice into their presentation they’ll gain a renewed sense of confidence and significant competitive advantage.

Premier illustrators

Jo Ann has collaborated with many of the premier American and international illustrators of our time as well as young, talented newcomers about their illustration marketing. Her clients have been on the covers of Communications Arts and TIME, seen in American Illustration, featured in Print and How Magazines and won awards from the Society of Illustrators.

Valuable program
Directory of Illustration’s complete promotional package (print + internet + social media + cross-promotion) will help an illustrator position their work in front of thousands of qualified art buyers worldwide 24/7. The program offers a useful and reasonably priced value that promotes the illustrator in multiple ways throughout the year.

"I have known Jo Ann Miller for many years. Several years ago, she introduced me to the Directory of Illustration and pointed out its virtues. I have an overarching promotion and advertising program and I decided in 2011 to dip my foot in the Directory's book and online platform. I am pleased with the results and I am looking forward to bigger and better projects in the coming years. I would recommend to my fellow artists and agents to give the Directory of Illustration a try. You won't be disappointed.”    
~ Richard Solomon, Artist Representative

“The response from my Directory of Illustration ad page and website created a whole new client base for me in the USA almost immediately. I have now completed a number of advertising and packaging projects …”
~ Vince Wakerley, UK based artist

"The Directory of Illustration is a very cost-effective way for us to promote our artists. We get great work from our presence in the book and a lot of referral traffic from Directory of The staff is wonderful to work with and the web portfolio is easy to maintain. We love the Directory program."
~ Piper Smith, Lindgren & Smith, Artist Representatives

"After spending years on the fence about whether to take out a page in the Directory of Illustration, I finally took the leap in 2010. Within two months of distribution, I started getting inquiries from top ad agencies in the pharmaceutical and banking industries, major apparel companies and editorial publications that were off the radar of my mailing list subscription. By years’ end I've earned enough from jobs gained directly through the book to pay for my page many times over -- I could kick myself for waiting so long to do this! I now consider the Directory a significant element of my multi-pronged approach to marketing myself. My experience disproved all of my worries about cost and whether Art Directors are looking at printed directories anymore."
~ Amy DeVoogd, Illustrator

"My wife, Eve Steccati, and I are both illustrators. For many years, we have been advertising in the Directory of Illustration to market our work. At the beginning of the year, I decided not to do print advertising, but instead send out emails and direct mail. However, I was bombarded with jobs for 15 large illustrations. It turned out that those jobs were linked directly to my print advertising in the Directory of Illustration, their web site and my online portfolio. I quickly decided to advertise in the Directory of Illustration again." (Eve just finished a major map project.)                                         
~ Ron Tanovitz, Illustrator