Art director asked illustrator for 'estimate' for a consumer advertising campaign
An east coast illustrator called me late one afternoon. She just received a call from an Ogilvy Chicago art director who saw her first ad page in the Directory. She listened as the art director asked her to submit 'an estimate' (for a hi-level consumer product ad campaign budgeted for $15,000) which they needed within a couple days to get final approval from their client. The illustrator had never done an estimate before - she was unaware of how to present one - and she wanted the job. So she quickly called me to ask how to handle this. I introduced her to a west coast illustration representative who was kind enough to teach her how to put an estimate together. The artist submitted the estimate on schedule and within two weeks the job was confirmed. Here is her ad from the Directory that won her the project.
RESULTSEstimate helped artist secure a $15,000 ad campaign

Client called and offered illustrator the biggest job he ever had to negotiate
A local mid-west artist, tired of the local budgets, advertised to get more national and international exposure. When his first print ad came out he got a call for a project he said was 'bigger than he had ever negotiated before' and could I help him. I asked him to describe the project so I could find the right artist representative to help him with this particular project. A NY artist representative contacted him right away, negotiated the project for him and got him a bigger pay check than he ever had before. That project went so well the rep even invited him to join his rep group. Now the artist has a rep and a continuing presence in the Directory with this rep. Here is his first ad which got him the bigger pay check.  
RESULTS: Artist got his biggest pay check ever

Portfolio re-evaluated and ad tripled income

I was called in to discuss an artist’s ad. It had been rejected by the publisher due to lack of consistency and impact. I reviewed his entire portfolio and helped him re-evaluate his target market and goals. We selected a number of images to best represent his style and created a simple ad to showcase his problem solving skills.
RESULTS: The ad tripled his business!

Artist identified passion and ad generated $40,000 campaign

An artist called me to see if he could use an image of Santa Claus for his ad. At first I thought it was too seasonal but after seeing the image I realized this was the perfect image to express his creative voice.
The ad generated a $40,000 campaign!


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